Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Radio City Opening Night Pictures

We've only been officially open for one week, but it definitely seems like far longer!

Last Tuesday night was the big opening night party, and what fun it was! It feels so glamorous to get dressed up and attend a fancy party at the theater like that...here are a few pictures!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some More RC Pictures

Our opening weekend of previews went really well...and it was crazy busy for me personally with all kinds of visitors coming to see the show. Love it...tomorrow night is the official opening night party (expect many more pictures from that!) and then we get into the real swing of our show schedule - which means time for blogging. Til then, more pictures!

My dressing room mirror.
Me as Mary in Nativity.
Singing out in the New York at Christmas scene. I'm in the black coat holding a green bag.
A whole bunch of friends from my hometown, who came to see the show yesterday!
In front of the most amazing view ever.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Radio City Tech Through Pictures

There is SO much to say about the past week of Radio City rehearsals...and yet I have to revert to that old phrase, "A picture's worth a thousand words." There just isn't the time right now to explain everything in detail, but once we open (Friday!) I'll have long breaks between shows where blogging is the ideal time killer - promise! For now, here are some pictures from tech
week...tomorrow we add costumes, and the rest of this week we have full dress rehearsals! We open for previews on Friday, over the weekend I have many friends coming to watch, and then next Tuesday is the "official" opening :)
A bunch of us stretching the aisles of Radio City Music Hall on Halloween. I'm towards the back of the crowd, haha.
Gorgeous stage.
Both casts of us in the ensemble on Halloween - we all wore shirts with our dance captain's old headshot on it! Too funny...
Tech-ing the curtain call with the full cast!
Tech-ing the Nutcracker section. We start in that blue box under the tree, which opens up to reveal us like this - and then we dance! (This is the other cast though).
Later in the show we dance in "Central Park" - I'm in pink on the left.