Monday, July 25, 2011

Still Kicking, 4 Years Later

Well, despite not writing for nearly 4 months this blog just celebrated it's 4 year anniversary! In July of 2007 I started this old thing for my ramblings, and here and there I've actually said something worthwhile. Though I've made sad attempts to revive regular posts, I really am going to make an effort this summer to get back in gear.

I have SO much to write about backed up in my brain from this past spring. It was my busiest dance season yet, and I had a lot of great opportunities working with over 5 *different* companies and performing almost every other weekend in various things.

On top of dancing, I've finished my Pilates mat certification and am teaching regularly as I continue with my equipment certification. I took my first trip to Europe (which was amazing), I had a major dance article published, and I've been working a whole lot.

I'll write in more detail on past things first, and then get back to the future with the next project...our August Performing in NY Showcase at Ailey. I've been co-directing these now for 3 years and we keep growing and growing. It's a lot of work to prep a show of 150+ dancers, but it's always fun.

Anyway, expect more posts soon :) Happy Summer!