Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy Week Ahead

Tomorrow is the day I've impatiently waited 4 months for: (re)auditions for Radio City.

I'll be at the theater, my theater, at what will feel like the crack of dawn tomorrow for the first day of auditions, even though I'm only required to go to the callbacks on Tuesday. I still remember my audition day last year - I got there an hour early only to find a line of hopefuls already halfway around the block. Little did I know what would come of that day! I can only hope (and cross my fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else) that I will be so lucky again. They likely won't let us know until July, but this is the first time I've been so at the mercy of my dancing: I NEED this job in so many ways. It's a bit scary, honestly. Wish me luck!

I'll probably be on twitter all morning because it's going to be a long process..

Later this week I'm heading home to Massachusetts again, this time for my mom's studio's annual recital! I haven't gone back for this the past 3 years, so it should be a nice little reunion with everyone. I'm helping out and of course I'm dancing, but more on that later...

First, I must focus on tomorrow and callbacks Tuesday...


Janet said...

Good Luck! I hope that you are sleeping better. I have heard that Acupuncture sometimes helps. I'm not sure how much it costs, or if your insurance would cover it. You may also want to try a small dose of Benadryl(Diphenhydramine). The children's liquid is easy to use and adjust the dose so that you can see what works for you. I found that the 2 year old dose worked well for me. I wouldn't use Tylenol that has Benadryl in it, since Tylenol can be toxic to the liver.
Have fun at your Mom's Studio Recital.

ACW said...

Merde, Taylor!
and have fun this weekend! :)

For me, I've found that laying off the coffee/caffeine in general helps me sleep better. With an already overly-packed schedule and so much you've got going on, coupled with all your physical exercise and numerous intellectual endeavors, perhaps you are just over-stimulated ...and when you add caffeine (day in/day out, day after day,...), your body simply goes into massive overdrive - and it gets *stuck* in overdrive. You're young, so you've managed it so far ;), but please try to get your much-needed sleep - it's VERY important. Don't push your body into a thyroid disorder.
[Really, try to limit your coffee - I know it's hard, because of the great jolt it provides to make it through a tough class, a huge writing assignment, an audition!,... ;) (plus, it tastes so darn good!), but it sounds like maybe? that's what's keeping your brain/nervous sys. awake while the rest of you is begging to sleep.]

Take care – rest, good luck!, and have fun this wknd!
:) Anne

Taylor said...

Thanks so much to both of you!

I've been cutting way way way back on caffeine for the past week and a half, so I'm hoping that will help. So far it's not (and I admit I caved and had a latte this morning before the first in what seems like forever, haha). But I'm really trying...haha. Thanks for the support!

Anne said...

Aw, I know - it's hard to give up those great icy drinks and 'warm-you-up-like-nothing-else-can' lattes.
It may take a good while for your body to 'shift' back down. Just try to give it some time. (may take a few weeks.) You're too much of an over-achiever, in everything! ;)
Very best wishes, hon! :)