Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To the Pointe

Maybe blogging has been slow, but I do have an article in print this month! In the August issue of Dance Teacher Magazine. It's on pointe tips for beginners...check it out here.

I know I have a lot of adult student readers, so if any of you are interested in getting back on pointe or even learning a variation, my teacher has a new pointe workshop this month at Ailey. Details are in her latest e-newsletter (that I help with) here.

OR if you're in the city and looking for a performance opportunity this month, come join our performing intensive! We start rehearsals next Monday night and rehearse Mondays & Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons for 3 weeks, ending in our next student showcase at the Ailey Citigroup Theater August 29 & 30. This time we're doing parts from La Bayadere, among other things. More details to come...this time I'm officially assistant ballet mistress :) More info and sign up link is here.

My new tag line in my bio should read, "the blogger who never blogs," haha. I DO have lots coming...I swear. Reviews, updates, and so on will hopefully come this week - for real this time!


ACWhitmore said...

Taylor!! Congratulations on RC!
YAY! :))

kathy with a k said...

Love this!
Actually, I ripped it out of my copy of DT magazine to save.
As a teacher, I have HUGE issues about readiness for pointe.

Would love to check out Kat's adult pointe class some time. hmmm...

Taylor said...

oh kathy with a k, you should come to kat's pointe class for sure! she gives such a great warm up and everything...sometimes it's more of a "variations" class than just pointe, but it's still great...

kathy with a k said...

Maybe in the fall...I would love to take almost any class.
I'm busy getting my daughter ready for college. She's off to The Boston Conservatory in less than 2 weeks.
I'm going to have to make a pointe (pun intended) of seeing you @ Radio City this year!