Monday, January 3, 2011

Reading List

One of my sort-of-resolutions for this year is to read more. Since finishing grad school (2 years ago?! Seems longer...) I've barely had time to really sit down with a book from start to finish. Here are some things on my New Year's reading list...I'm a little off the "normal" cultural radar (okay, a lot off), but I'm looking forward to reading these...

-Margot Fonteyn's Autobiography, which I received an autographed copy of for Christmas :)
-Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet, which has caused a stir lately
-Off Balance: The Real World of Ballet, which I heard about in a radio interview recently

I have quite the collection of old dance books going on, and a few I'm thinking of resurrecting from the dusty boxes to reread are...

-The Shape of Love by Gelsey Kirkland, which wasn't as big as her first controversial autobiography but is super interesting in analyzing certain roles
-Allegra Kent's Once a Dancer, which I nearly finished in one sitting a few summers ago
-Christopher D'Amboise's little known Leap Year: A Year in the Life of a Dancer, which I found by accident when working with him at BAE


Georgia Tetradis said...

Hi Taylor- Your list is admirable. I would include Toni Bently's Winter Season. It is out of print,but you can check the dance section at the Strand. It's a must. I hope your recovery is speedy! Happy new year, Georgia

Taylor said...

I LOVED Winter Season! I read it a while ago so that's why it's not on my list here, but it was definitely a favorite :)