Friday, June 19, 2009

3 weeks from today...

...I'll be on a plane to dance in Austria for a month!

I've kept kind of quiet about this because it hasn't felt fully real, like it wasn't actually going to happen...but now that it's getting so close, it's very real, very fast!

I'll be off to beautiful Salzburg on Friday July 10 to stay for a month, dancing all day every day and performing at the end of the program at an opera house in Munich!

I will most definitely be blogging (much more regularly!) about it as it happens, and will take tons of pictures of course :) I'm getting excited...

The only thing is, I'm still trying to find someone to to sublet my little studio apartment here in the if any of you know of anyone looking for a summer sublet (or even just for a week...) shoot me an email or comment...I must get rid of it for the time I'm gone!

PS- If anyone has any advice for traveling to Europe, let me know that also! It's my first time going anywhere and I'm kind of nervous to get everything prepared...

More details to come.
Happy Friday :)

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