Sunday, June 14, 2009

Webcast: Live From...a Bathroom?

Tonight (Sunday) at 7pm there will be a live webcast of a very intimate, engaging work by Yanira Castro that is being performed live at the very cool Gershwin Hotel all this month. And yes, it all takes place in a bathroom.

View the webcast live here. Another will happen next Sunday, 6/21 at 7pm as well in case you can't make it.

With this particular piece, a big element of the performance experience is being there in the action. When I attended the preview, there were just 7 of us in the very contained lobby rest room with the dancers sharing the space with us. If you can't go to their actual performances though, do take a peek online.

In other news, I've been positively knocked out all week with this awful cold/flu/sickness, which in turn has put me even MORE behind in blogging. (It seems like this past month or so has been a neverending string of bad luck...been sick on and off, bad achilles, broken both my tv and my computer...gee I think my bad karma is done, how about some good news this week?)

Anyway I'm hoping to return to life in the next day or two (well, I've said that the past 5 days or so...) and when I do I have much to write about...a few of ABT's Giselle's, among other things...I WILL catch up eventually. Happy Weekend ;)

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Anne Coburn Whitmore said...

Oh gosh :(, feel better!!

sending you best wishes,