Friday, March 6, 2009

...And Another One Gone

This kind of news seems so passe' now. But I just read that yet another dance critic has been cut, according to NAJP. Tobi Tobias was apparently let go from Bloomberg. It sounds like she was already only freelancing, so I wonder if their dance coverage has bitten the bullet completely?

The NAJP article calls for journalists to take a stand and fight for their jobs in this economy. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that, with the recession at large and the state of the publishing industry in general, the only future for this will be online. Interesting then that other critics already largely ousted from print don't like that prospect (the internet has become "a miasma of amateur expression"). It's an issue to consider...


Natalie said...

Uh, so according to NAJP we all have to be socialists now too? Pipe dream.

Philip said...

As part of the miasma of amateur expression, I observe the changing world and feel grateful that people bother to read my blog and gratified when they tell me it means something to them.

I started blogging for my own enjoyment, never expecting it to lead to anything. That it has is indeed wonderful, but I would still be doing it anyway whether ten people or one thousand read it each day. It costs me a sixth of my current monthly income to run the blog but I like doing it. And my partner indulges me, luckily.

The idea of making money off writing about the creative and interpretive efforts of other people never occurred to me. I do it out of love for music and dance, as corny as that may sound.