Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dance Brazil Webcast Tonight

The weather may be getting nice (but hey, where'd the sun go today?) but sometimes a Sunday night at home is just what you need.

While you're online tonight be sure to check into Dance Brazil's live webcast of their performance at NYU's Skirball Center at 7pm. Watch it here in real time, wherever you are. It should be fun to see...I didn't get to make it to their live performance this weekend as I'd planned, but I saw the company last year and wrote about it briefly here.

The recent rise of webcasting performances is largely thanks to Jaki Levy, who was responsible for Misnomer Dance Theater's online venture a few months back, and who has worked with Martha Graham's Clytemnestra Project a lot. He's definitely doing a lot to bring dance to a bigger audience, and it looks like he'll be speaking more about "Dance on the Web" later this week at Chez Bushwick. Of course it happens Wednesday night at 7pm, another time I'll have to miss out, but if anyone gets to go please report back!

photo of Dance Brazil from their website

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