Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randoms from the Internet

Though I haven't blogged much the past few days, I've been keeping up with Twitter and Facebook and have found a few random, interesting things to share...

*First -my favorite - the NYTimes has released new standards for their online columns and blogs. Check it out here. I want to comment more on this sometime this week...

*ABT dancers Kristi Boone and Isaac Stappas are the NYTimes real estate section. Apparently arts and apartments go together, because didn't they just do this article with another ABT dancer?

*An interesting piece from Vanity Fair about SAB's 75th Anniversary last week. And while we're discussing the Balanchine side of Lincoln Center: State Theater gets aisles! What glorious news :)

*And this is random but amusing from the last day the Seattle PI Newspaper printed. Another paper down.

*More random: have you seen that Ellen Degeneres is on Twitter? Funny! If you're on Twitter, follow me.

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