Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Yoga

Just a quick post to say I have a newfound great respect for anybody who does yoga regularly.

Last night I was coaxed into taking my first real, intense ashtanga yoga class and...oh my goodness. Ouch! Haha.

I really enjoyed the class as it was happening, though a lot of the poses were painful on my knees and back (my joints are like an 80 year old woman from ballet...). It definitely opened everything up and actually felt I danced better today after doing it. BUT, oh the soreness! Of all the training I do, I kind of ignore my arms/upper body. Doing the "vinyasa" repeatedly (ie. plank position, into upward dog, into downward dog) is like doing a hundred push ups throughout the hour and a half. This morning it killed me just to put on a t-shit with my arms. Oy. I must keep going so it doesn't hurt so bad (is that a twisted way of thinking?)

Anyway, I highly recommend the class and teacher I took with. I'm hoping my arms won't feel like Jello tomorrow too. During my first barre today, just holding my arm to the side for a single combination made it start to shake, haha. Luckily it got better as I got warmed up (an popped an Advil, which I rarely do because it never helps). It's a fun new challenge, though.

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