Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ballet Shoes - The Movie

This just in!

If you are a ballet movie fan, plus a Harry Potter fan (as I am) you will be excited to hear that the new made-for-tv movie "Ballet Shoes" from BBC is having a limited engagement showing in the US! Emma Watson (Hermione from the HP movies) stars in it (who knew she could dance?).

Next Tuesday, August 26 it is showing at limited theaters across the country. If you're in NYC, it's playing the Clearview movie theater on 62nd and 1st Avenue at 2pm and 7:30pm.

For other showtimes across the country click here.

Apparently Gaynor Minden has partnered with the distributor of the film and will be selling DVDs, although I don't know where exactly because, to my knowledge, Gaynor only has a warehouse-type store in midtown...
Otherwise I believe the film is only shown in England, so take the chance to see it if you have time on Tuesday...should be amusing, if nothing else. All ballet movies are.

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Anonymous said...


watson can't dance, actually. she plays the sister who wants to become an actress. ;-)
it's the redhead who plays the protege.