Friday, August 15, 2008

first of the Fringe

Is anyone else really annoyed by these crazy thunderstorms?!

Last night I was supposed to attend a dress rehearsal for Cedar Lake's new installation opening next week but got caught in the middle of 7th Ave on my way there DRENECHED in the storm. Needless to say, by the time I opened my umbrella to find out it was broken and finally sought safety under a coffee shop's awning, I decided the night was a bust. I ended up waiting it out a bit and then walking home totally soaked. HOWEVER you can read about the rehearsal I missed from Philip and Evan.

I WILL be attending opening night next week, rain or shine. Remember to buy tickets!

Moving on.

Today I went to the first of a few "dance related" performances as part of the NY Fringe Festival downtown. I saw "dance related" because the one I saw this afternoon was not exactly dance. It was "Third From the Left," a behind the scenes sort of play about dancers working with Martha Graham in the 1960s. Full review to come with other Fringe stuff for ExploreDance soon. Meanwhile check out Alastair's review of it (also plagued by the rain!). And Claudia has a blog entry about the festival here.

I'm headed to two more Fringe performances tomorrow and maybe more next week, but if you're around I suggest you take advantage of the cheap tickets and experimental work! Check for full listings.

And let's hope this crazy rain stops! That was the 2nd time this week to feel like a wet rat in the middle of Manhattan.

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