Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The End

(The ensemble on the roof of Radio City Music Hall this morning)

Today is my LAST day of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

And it's a four show day.

I am currently getting ready for show 3 of 4, and it's getting sadder as the day goes on. Our morning show was emotional because it was, like, the last morning waking up to do this. The second show was more automatic and tiring. These next two are going to be tough but...must stay happy!

This has been an incredible ride and I refuse to accept that this is the end - maybe the end of this year, but NOT the end of Radio City. I MUST be back next year, even if in the touring company...it's a must.


Luckily, to save myself from feeling post-show loss I'm heading down to Florida for New Year's and for the weekend to visit family. It was a last minute trip but I definitely need it.

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Janine said...

I have checked in on your blog now and then and find it fun to hear of your adventures in dande...Congratulations on a great run at Radio City...I can imagine how emotional it must be for you, but know this is only the beginning of many advantures in your life! Have fun in Florida...Sounds like the R & R will be wonderful...:)