Friday, December 5, 2008

Suggestions Welcome...

Ugh. I wasted a good 6 hours or so of my day off tonight trying to come up with a plan for my life beginning in January. You see, as of December 30 everything in my life as I know it ends.


No, it's not funny, actually.

Radio City ends. School ends sooner. No more option to take internships (you must get school credit for those). No more dance jobs on the horizon.

It's a bit frightening and I've been trying to avoid thinking about it, but today it kind of swamped me. So far, I've come up with an unfortunately small variety of very expensive options that a poor 20 year old with a master's degree could do:

-get a pilates certification (thousands of dollars, if you can believe it!)
-take continuing education courses in various subjects at Columbia, NYU, or online at Harvard (tens of thousands of dollars)
-spend every hour of every day pitching almost-out-of-print magazines, newspapers, websites, book publishers, etc and freelance full time (as I try to do now and still make little money)
-spend every hour of every day auditioning for every little thing that comes to the city

Any other suggestions or ideas for life plans would be appreciated! It's driving me crazy to the point that it's 2am, I'm still doing research, and I must be onstage at 10am for three back to back shows. Help.


the sassy kathy said...

if you come up with anything good i'd love to hear - i'm currently in the same dilemma. boo life plans! hope all's well with radio city fun :)

Erin G. said...

Why don't you get online to and start auditioning for musical theatre tours and cruise ships? Audition season typically runs Jan - Apr. I can't promise, given the current financial crisis, how many jobs there will be this year....but it's usually pretty crazy. You could end up at 3 - 4 auditions a day sometimes! I have done both a national tour and a cruise ship contract and I am very glad I did them when I was young and single and excited about seeing the world and learning about different cultures. The ships all have wifi (as do a lot of tour buses these days, I hear), so you can continue to blog, freelance, or proofread for extra cash.

Jaki Levy said...

I really wonder - I haven't seen you dance (yet), but I've seen your writing - I am sure you can DEFINITELY get some kind of ongoing work for online publications. Since Movmnt is gearing itself more online, perhaps they will have something more in store. Maybe you could create a position for yourself there? They could really benefit from your experience to help them move things forward.

Victoria said...

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to visit me down South!!!