Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Audition, NYCB Coppelia, & Frightful Films

Today was a busy, freezing cold Sunday.

It started bright an early with an audition for a well-known jazz dance company, which I honestly had little desire to actually dance with but...I'm trying to stay on this kick of trying for absolutely everything and trying to stay positive.

The audition started a half an hour late because of registration, and as usual there were tons of people crammed in the studio with little spatial awareness. That is my BIGGEST pet peeve in auditions AND class - people who are oblivious to those around them. Ugh. Anyway...the combination they taught was very hiphop-esque and uncomfortable for my ballet-based body. I wasn't particularly fond of the style and therefore was not a bit unhappy when I was cut, haha. It was not for me.

The director, however, was amusing. Before she cut the huge chunk of us, she made this big long speech about being a professional at an audition. She spoke about how jazz dance is an art form and not a "fad" and that it should be treated with respect. "You don't wear booty shorts to a concert dance audition. They're disgusting," she cringed, and half the room turned beat red with embarrassment. She's right, though. I was happy to be in my nice black tights with my hair glued back as usual. After criticizing clothing she went on to say that if you're going to bother to come to an audition for a professional opportunity you must "have a very fine tuned instrument. Don't do it if you're not in tune," she explained. "I don't know how some of you can even show up like that without a refined instrument..." Though she's right again, she was a bit harsh. It was just interesting to hear a speech like that in an audition situation.

Anyway, in the afternoon I saw my first NYCB performance of their winter season: the new "Coppelia." I bought a standing room ticket last minute but luckily nobody was in the last row up there so I got a seat. It was such a nice performance!

I like this story ballet and Delibes' music as well. I've danced bits and pieces of it for various performances over the years, and it's fun to do as well.

Tiler Peck was as great as she always is, with a special spark in her Swanilda. Andrew Veyette as Frantz was also good, particularly in his third act variation. Rachel Piskin danced the doll-like movements of Coppelia's 2nd act with great believability. She's so tiny onstage, much like the 8 ladies who played Swanilda's friends. They look like miniature perfect-bodied brunette clones (even though not all look like that in real life). Even better than them were the candy pink baby ballerinas in the Waltz of the Golden Hours in Act III. The perfect technique that defines SAB students was clear in all of their movements and poses. Their tiny tutus umbrella as they move, making them sparkling gumdrops lining the stage. Their spacing was cleaner than that of the company sections! Definitely a treat.

After that I practically ran downtown to attend the movie premiere of a film my friend (and often pas de deux partner) is in. "Perkins 14" is a gory horror movie, which has never been my kind of flick. But I was so excited to see Gregory on the big screen that a friend and I sucked it up and just hid our eyes for the scary stuff.

It was such a good movie! Yes, blood and guts, but the story was good and it was very well-directed. And of course Gregory was great. If you're in town please go see it! It's only showing a few more times this week.

Anyway, tonight I'm trying to get organized for a busy week. This is about the last week I have set post-Radio City plans for before I'll be really desperate for a job, haha. Tuesday I start the 5 day TAKE Dance Intensive, which I'm looking forward to. We have a mini studio showing at the end next Saturday. More details to come during the week.

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