Friday, January 23, 2009

A Year Out of College

In case it's not absurdly evident: I'm a very nostalgic, memory-driven, time conscious person. I'm constantly thinking about the past...past experiences, people, change. It always intrigues me to think about how time passes and how much has happened since certain milestones. (Apparently I have an extremist personality, because I'm also constantly worrying about the future...)

One year ago today was my official graduation date from Marymount Manhattan College. Since my path has been somewhat (extremely) unconventional, it doesn't really seem all that monumental (nor all that long ago!). But so very much has happened in one year, and even in 6 months since my birthday (remember those tumultuous few weeks?!)

Internship at The New Yorker. Apprentice with Rebecca Kelly Ballet. Intensive at ABT. Teaching and choreographing on high school students for the first time. Writing longer articles for 2 additional dance magazines than before. Ballet contract. Apartment mayhem. Brief stint in book publishing. The call from Radio City. 110 shows of a dream come true. Finishing grad school. Branching out to modern dance. Starting my first book. And lots in between. Not to mention the many incredible people (friends, teachers, bloggers, editors, readers) I've come in contact with (it's been a particularly great year for that).

When I look at it like this, it seems like it's been a productive, long, and rather insane first year out of college.

As it all really happened it didn't seem nearly as wonderful, and as I look ahead to this next year, which will be my first out of grad school (and out of school for good for the first time EVER) it's hard to imagine what's coming down the road. It's scary.

Two years ago at this time I was interning with a dance publicist and learning Balanchine's "Divertimento No. 15" at BAE.

Three years ago at this time I got the great luck of landing my first internship (of 7) - with Pointe Magazine - at age 17, knowing hardly a soul in NYC, 1 semester into my college career, and with a largely empty resume'.

Four years ago at this time I was dead set on moving to New York and spent every waking hour not in the ballet studio researching the ins and outs of the city. Independent in Philadelphia was not enough.

(on an audition trip up from school in Philly)

Five years ago at this time, I first realized the speed at which my life was taking off by finishing sophomore year of high school in 3 months and still navigating my first year away from home.

(going to the junior/senior prom even though I was kind of a sophomore. and it wasn't a real "prom")

Six years ago at this time life had honestly not even begun.

(friends might hurt me for posting this one)

So, when people ask me what my one or five year goals are, how on earth, given my track record to the current moment, can I give an answer?!


Victoria said...

I think I have that same extremist personality...haha. It sure is weird just to leek back even a couple of years. If someone had told me 2 years ago (when I was starting my last semester at Rock) that I would end up an English major or a mountain bike racer, or that I would be in South America right now not having taken a ballet class in 9 (!!!) months...
I would have laughed my head off. Or cried because that would have sounded terrible to me at the time.

Victoria said...

Oh and I like the picture of the two of us and Katie! Haha! I still have that awesome hot pink polka dotted skirt.