Tuesday, September 23, 2008

fate takes a jolly turn

Today the reason for all the past few months of drama showed it’s smiling face.

I’m sitting at my desk at a pretty slow day at my new internship. It’s about 11am and I glance at my cell phone to see I have a new voicemail. Usually in that scenario I see who called and postpone listening to the message til lunch time, but it was a New York number that I didn’t recognize, so I thought I’d check it to be sure.

I go to the kitchen in our office and listen.

“Hi Taylor. This is Radio City Musical Hall calling. Please give me a call back as soon as humanly possible! It’s about the show.”

My heart FLIPS.

In case you missed it, I auditioned for the dancing roles in the Radio City Christmas Show back in May and surprisingly made it through all of the cuts and callbacks. I went on a whim but was thrilled just to make it as far as I did. When I called after a few weeks to get the results of the audition, they politely informed me that they didn’t have a place for me. Ah well, another rejection.

As you can imagine, I was even MORE surprised to get a call from them today, months later.

Stealing a few minutes from my work day, I called the happy voice that left the message back.

“Taylor, we’d like to offer you a role as a dancer in the New York show of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!”

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

She went on to explain details. Apparently someone dropped out and they needed a replacement and for whatever lucky reason I happened to be the next in line.

Of course I accepted on the spot, gripping myself to the chair so as not to jump in excitement in the middle of the publisher’s office where I was supposed to be working!

For the rest of the day I had to sit with this incredible news stewing in my mind as I tried to be a good little intern, haha. After about an hour I still literally COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I honestly and truly had to keep looking at my cell phone call history and re-listen to her voicemail to confirm that it did indeed happen and I wasn’t just daydreaming the whole thing. Seriously.

It didn’t fully click in until later tonight as I sat stretching before taking class and checking my emails on my iPod. I got one from Radio City asking for my pointe shoe order info, and telling me to go by Capezio for a shoe fitting. I will hear from them Thursday about a costume fitting and a contract signing time. Rehearsals start the week after next, and shows start Nov. 7 – Dec. 30. I have to join the AGVA Union (= better pay than most ballet companies!) and it is all very exciting.

For most of the day I was terribly excited and yet terribly afraid, after the drama following my luck with the Minnesota Dance Theater contract offer over the summer, that it wouldn’t really happen. But since getting the email about shoe fittings and such, I’m convinced that I can go ahead and be happy!!!

What a round about path I took to get to this exciting place…since the time most others were offered these roles, I’ve been through 2 new apartments (and the accompanying mess of that), 1 failed ballet contract, a new paid internship (which now must cease), and so forth. The good thing is that if I had been offered the role at the normal time I probably would have chosen not to finish school this semester, but now that I’ve started I have to get it done and will find a way to do both.

I am extremely excited about this and will keep you posted on details as they happen! I have lots to take care of in the next week before we start rehearsals, and I have yet to sign an official contract. So until all of that happens…….

(SEPT. 22, 2009 NOTE: Read the archives about the full Radio City experience here. Stay tuned for the 2009 version coming soon ;)


Philip said...

Good news is always good!

See you later today at Joyce/Soho?

The Sassy Kathy said...

Hi Taylor - I don't know if we've ever gotten the chance to chat in person, but I took Kat's 6pm class with you last year. I enjoy your blog, and I just couldn't help but say CONGRATS on this awesome news :) Very exciting and hope all works out! - Kathryn

Taylor said...

Thanks Kathryn! :) Whenever you take Kat's class again, tell me who you are, haha! She has so many people...

And Philip, it was great to see you this afternoon :)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually leave comments but I just had to delurk and say congratulations!

Keep us posted on the experience if you have a chance. :)