Friday, September 26, 2008

staying grounded

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have commented, emailed, called, and congratulated me over the past two days! It means a lot to hear from you all, particularly those blog readers I don't know or see in person. I like knowing there are people out there reading :) and I SO appreciate your emails/comments.


The initial rush of excitement has mellowed a bit. I'm still extremely happy but I'm no longer in that five year old state of gushing excitement, haha. In fact I'm very much grounded at the moment by the intense work marathon I'm in the midst of. I haven't had the time to day dream about what the coming months will bring - but maybe that's a good thing, haha.

I did finalize my pointe shoe order with the wardrobe people today, and I received word that my union information and contract are in the mail :).

Besides that I spent most of my day in meetings at my internship. I really like this new internship but I very soon must figure out if and how I can continue during my rehearsal period. I know the performance schedule won't leave me time, but maybe through October's rehearsals I can do both? I have a knack for doing too many things at once, haha.

No, today was good at my internship because it WAS a lot of meetings and such, and I get to be a fly on the wall and just observe. A "lunch and learn," a conference call, a staff official, haha.

In other news, last night I gave my notice for my part time night job to quit, because it will be unnecessary and untimely with rehearsals, etc. It's been a decent job but the hours have been killing me (9:30pm-2:30am, 3 nights a week after long days already). I'm currently sitting at my desk getting ready to leave for tonight, and tonight is my last night.

Ah, change.

Anyway, work all day tomorrow and then possibly hitting Fall for Dance again tomorrow night (my ticket is way up in the rear gallery side and I wasn't thrilled with the last program I saw, so I may take the $10 ticket loss and just go to ballet instead, haha. Rather be dancing myself than watching at this point.)

Speaking of that I also received a syllabus kind of thing for the fall Writing on Dance Course at DTW that I was planning on taking. I'm not positive yet I'll be able to do so with the rehearsal schedule (boy, it would help me immensely in planning if the actual schedule were set...) but it should be a nice 6 week course if I do get to do it. I so enjoyed the spring one I did with Claudia.

Alrighty, well I better finish up work so I can squeeze in a full 5 hours of sleep, haha. Work marathons will be over least, desk work marathons. Dance work marathons are a bit more enjoyable!

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