Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogging Hiatus to Finish Shortly

This summer has been a horribly inconsistent blogging season. But I have my reasons.

This week should be the last week of issues before I can return to regular blogging - I hope. I've had some major apartment issues and after the whole episode with not being able to take a ballet job out of state because my apartment lease held me hostage, I ended up facing worse problems with the building and left the apartment anyway (getting my money back on TOP of getting out of the lease. Timing is just awful - 2 weeks after I wanted to leave in the first place.)

Anyway I was a bit of a nomad for a while trying to find a new place and staying with friends (and my ballet teacher?!) but I finally moved to a new (and final) apartment over the weekend. After this week of unpacking (not to mention writing deadlines galore that have been delayed because of all this) I will be back to blogging!

Many thanks to those who keep checking in :)
Happy fall with this beautiful weather! (minus the torrential downpours on Saturday that I got stuck in while moving bags of now-dead pointe shoes and clothing etc!)

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