Monday, September 22, 2008

on overdrive

I think I may have to rename this blog "Excuses of Why I Haven't Been Blogging." That seems to be all I write nowadays...

Well, after my last post I went into overdrive mode...every time I think my life can't get any more full of responsibilities I surprise myself and get that much busier. I'm not complaining this time...things are going well (minus a slight cold from lack of sleep), but it leaves me little time for blogging fun.

Last Thursday I started a new internship for the fall. My plan for my last semester of grad school here was not to take an internship because I can't really continue to do slave labor for free (though enjoyable) without getting paid, as I've done my share and paid my dues by now (6 internships in 2 years). However, I fell into an opportunity that is actually PAID, finally.

It's in the publicity department of a major book publisher owned by Barnes & Noble, and though it's not exactly what I want to be doing in publishing eventually, I'm really enjoying it so far! I've only been there 2 days, but the people are really wonderful and the company itself is great. Their books are nice, too.

It's 3 full days a week, but the thing is I'm still finishing school full time, and working part time at night, AND trying to get in shape for Nutcracker season...this means that in the 48 hour span from last Wednesday night until Friday night, I worked (internship, school, or part time job) almost 40 of those 48 hours!!! No wonder I have a cold, haha.

I'm hoping to figure out a way to balance my schedule more effectively to not make that happen again, but in the meantime I was offered ANOTHER internship at a big magazine publisher who asked me to come on the spot in the interview. That one is still being worked out because it is unpaid and I can't get academic credit for it so...but that would mean the other 2 days of my week would be packed as well.

Geesh. I do love being busy. Just need to find a way to get it all done...on top of all this I have about 3 big articles due today (or...ahem...last week...) and I start Nutcracker rehearsals in Connecticut this coming Sunday. Ah!

Okay, I'm done complaining! :) It's all stuff I want to be doing so I'm really not complaining, just thinking out loud I guess.

In other news, I went to Fall For Dance this Saturday and will be reviewing for ExploreDance soon. Tonight I'm supposed to go to Works & Process at the Guggenheim but my cold is knocking me out and I must skip it, unfortunately. Wednesday I'm seeing a rehearsal of Wally Cardona at the Joyce Soho, and Friday is another Fall For Dance night. Reviews to come...eventually!

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