Wednesday, September 24, 2008

if the shoe fits

It's really happening!

Today I was called to go to the theater and Capezio for my shoe fittings for the show. After taking class this morning I rushed to Capezio and tried on 2 different pairs of heels I'll be wearing (one, I was informed, will actually be a boot...). Then I had to head to the stage door of the theater (where I previously stood waiting in an endless line of coffee-gulping dancers the morning of the audition in May).

You should have seen me walking into the theater. Not the actual house of the theater (haven't been there ever except once when I saw the Xmas show as a kid years ago), but the backstage, less glamorous area. I was SO excited. It reminded me greatly of my first time backstage at The Wang Center in Boston doing Nutcracker with Boston Ballet when I was 7. My excitement brought me back to about that age, haha.

Anyway, I headed up in the elevator (which cutely has floors labelled "Rockette Operations" and "Christmas Operations" in addition to dressing rooms and stage entrance). First top, wardrobe department for more shoe fittings. The lady there had me wait for about 10 minutes til the right guy came up to fit me, and while waiting - no joke - my eyes started to fill up because it was like, I'm here, it's happening. And if you know me, you know I never cry!

Well I didn't cry but, you know. So then the guy came and clarified my pointe shoe information (discussion led me to believe one of my parts is one of the dancing bears in the Nutcracker scene..hah!) and then fit me for jazz sneakers for "The Santa Number," whatever that might be. In total, I have four pairs of shoes for one performance. Oh my goodness!

After that thrill I headed to the office of the lady that delivered the good news yesterday to fill out paperwork. It's official! Then we went to get my ID for the stage door. It's official!

I left an hour later with a HUGE smile on my face :) Calls to come in the next week about costume fittings and exact rehearsal schedules. Cannot wait!!!


In other news, I squeezed in time to see a preview rehearsal at the Joyce Soho of Wally Cardona, which I'll blog about over the weekend. They perform next week, and you should go if you can. It was nice to see Philip and Tonya there :)

Now I'm off to another work marathon like last week...I had school just now and tonight I work at my part time job (which I gave my notice to quit this afternoon...), then tomorrow internship 9-5, school 6-9, work 9:30-2am, and work 9-5 on Friday! Friday night is another Fall for Dance night, and this wekeend, thankfully, is quiet now that I won't be starting Nutcracker rehearsals in Connecticut as per the pre-excitement plan!


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