Tuesday, September 30, 2008

taking care of business

As the excitement is starting to turn into reality, I have to spend much of this week organizing and rearranging my life so that I can start full force with Christmas fun next week...and it's a tough task.

Last week I quit my part time job (no tears there, haha) and then today I officially told my new internship I'd have to leave. I felt bad because they hired me just 2 weeks ago after their first intern dropped out last minute on them, and now I'm pulling out, too. They understand, of course. I will finish out this week and the beginning of next week there.

On top of that I have school and writing assignments up to my ears that I need to take care of. It never stops...a good thing about my show schedule is that I can still finish school without interfering too too much, but my day off must be devoted to catching up on everything, haha.

In other news, I scheduled my costume fitting with the theater this afternoon. I have to go to their costume warehouse place in Queens next Monday (leave Manhattan???). But I'm excited to see what I'll be wearing...I assume multiple things to go with the multiple shoe changes (today I was told to go for another fitting, which will bring the shoe total to 5 pairs for one show!).

Anyway, that's the latest. Also just wanted to thank everyone again, those who have emailed or commented, for your support! I'm happy to be sharing this with blog readers :)

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