Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Dance Movies: a GO and a NO!

Today (well, yesterday technically, since it's 3am and I'm still up...ah insomnia...) I saw two new dance movies. And until I find time at a decent hour to write about both in detail, here's a hint:

*"Ballerina" playing at Quad Cinema in NYC = GO!

This documentary film about 5 incredible dancers with the Kirov Ballet (including Diana Vishneva) is just beautiful and and quite an interesting peak inside the Maryinsky Theater traditions.

*"Center Stage 2: Turn It Up" released on DVD yesterday = NO!

I have so very much to say after watching my review copy tonight. I know many got to see it on television when it aired a while back, but this was my first viewing and...oh just wait for the blog post.

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Victoria said...

HAHAHAHA I LOVE bad movies, especially dance ones. Did you ever see One Last Dance or Save the Last Dance 2? If you ever want to wet your pants laughing, rent them.