Saturday, April 4, 2009

Updated: First (& 2nd) Performance = Good!

Tonight's studio performance went really well, I think!

I was surprised how good it felt after being not so thrilled with the piece during rehearsals. And especially after a rough tech rehearsal last night (they asked us to be there at 8:30pm, didn't start running things til 9:30, and I didn't actually dance until 11:30pm after re-warming up 5 times. Ouch).

All the work was worth it, as it always is for those few moments onstage. It's hard to remember that it's always worth it while you're in the process, but thus far it's always payed off. I'm pleased and excited to do it again tomorrow night :)

Hoping to take some pictures backstage tomorrow to share.


Tonight's show went well, too. I stupidly forgot my camera at home today (in addition to my ballet slippers, which meant I did much more of Sunday morning ballet class on pointe than I wanted to...) so have not much material to blog with, haha. But I hear lots of people took pictures during the show, and the video taped it as well so...will post when I get it.

I felt like last night's performance was a bit better than tonight, but everything went smoothly. Both nights we had a packed audience and it was nice to see friendly faces at both. I felt really unprepared before the weekend but I think my partner and I pulled it together our best for the actual shows, and it seemed to go much better than any of our few rehearsals, which was a relief!

Anyway...the week looks pretty busy with a few new opportunities possibly popping up...will update!

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