Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh Well

Didn't get the contract with the Met. Not surprised, really.

There were about 30 girls at the callback today and all were really really good. It seemed like Ratmansky and the other dance directors genuinely had a hard time deciding on who to choose, because they made various random groups of people do the combination a million times. In the end it seemed they picked mostly taller people - bad for me, haha.

Oh well.

Honestly, I was just thrilled to get the callback and to know that such a fantastic choreographer (his combinations were so fun and organic and great) saw me at all in a room of 50 dancers yesterday. I am usually the single most invisible person in cattle call auditions like that. Would have loved to work with him, but a callback is enough for now I suppose :)


ACW said...

Aww, don't give up or lose faith, hun.

It's still quite an accomplishment (really!), and hopefully was an exhilarating experience. You *DANCED FOR RATMANSKY* ! (and GELSEY, too!)
:) said...

I admire you for being so positive! And of course I agree that you have every reason to be proud of yourself :-)