Monday, December 27, 2010

7 Reasons to Vote for My Blog: #3 - Endorsements

As the voting round of Dance Advantage's Reader's Choice Top Dance Blogs 2010 approaches, I thought I'd do a post a day for a week giving you reasons to go ahead and VOTE FOR ME :)

Vote for Off Center
Reason #7: I'm Ancient
Reason #6: No Ads
Reason #5: Community
Reason #4: Writing Quality
Reason #3: Endorsements

A little self-serving bragging just for one sec (to convince you to vote! A good reason :)...

Vanity Fair has twice given a shoutout to the blog, calling it "one of the precious sources of inspiration" and "sprightly."

Career Transition for Dancers had me as a guest speaker for a seminar called, "The Art of Blogging" last year.

Media Bistro quotes me in an article about arts criticism, and The Huffington Post mentions my "prominent blog."

And even though the NY Times didn't mention the blog, I have to include that link here just because :)

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