Monday, December 13, 2010

Jennifer Ringer on the Today Show

She's wonderful. And beautiful.

And by the way she says exactly what I've been saying about dancers and weight loss and Black that hard naturally makes you thin - and if you're too thin/don't eat you just can't do it anymore.


Victoria said...

I used to have a poster of Jennifer Ringer on my wall...the one that came as an insert in a dance magazine way back when in 2003 or so. I eventually had to get rid of it because it was falling apart from having been put up on so many dorm room walls. Including ours :)

Victoria said...

Also, Go Jennifer! She is a beautiful dancer and an awesome person. We need more dancers (and critics) who appreciate different body types and that find beauty in the art form rather than imperfection.

Ella said...

One thing I found interesting in this interview is her discussion of the many body types found in New York City Ballet. Now of all the ballet companies out there NYCB would not be at the top of my list for being most accepting of different body types. Many times I have seen performances where I (unlike Mr. Macauley apparently) would have actually liked to see a little more meat on the bones of some of the dancers.
But I was actually just recently having a conversation with a friend who was saying that in her last visit to NYCB she was noticing that the dancers looked - well her words were "bigger"- than in her previous visits to the company. Now she explained that these girls were not "large" by any normal standards, not even by ballet standards really, just that they were a little more "there" if that makes any sense.
Just some of my thoughts on the matter
(Have loved reading your blog for years by the way (: )