Monday, December 27, 2010

Help! Voting Round of Top Dance Blogs 2010 Has Begun!

In case you missed it, I'm in the final running for Dance Advantage's Reader's Choice Top Dance Blogs 2010 in the Dancer Musings category AND the Top 20 category.

Many thanks to all who commented to help me get through the first round - but now's when I really need your support!

If you can, please take a sec to head over to Dance Advantage here and vote! You can only vote once for one blog in each be sure to click "Off Center" for Dancer Musings and Top 20! I was in 3rd place for both categories at the end of the commenting let's make this a winner :)

I've been posting 7 reasons why you should vote for my blog here, so take a peak at those. More to come this week.

Reason #7: I'm Ancient
Reason #6: No Ads
Reason #5: Community
Reason #4: Writing Quality
Reason #3: Endorsements
Reason #2: Redesign
Reason #1: I Love It

Happy Snow Day Voting!

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