Saturday, May 17, 2008

back to blogging soon...

No I haven't fallen off the planet. I've just been catching up with life after taking a few days off in Florida and haven't had a second to blog.

Regular posting will resume soon, haha. Here's just a few things I have to update about:

-end of my writing on dance course
-numerous recent auditions
-my "choreographic debut" with the high school kids i taught
-seeing my old studio's spring performance
-additional blogging opportunity
-not getting one of my dream jobs
-being interviewed for the big website
-official college graduation ceremony (and getting sick beforehand!)
-other teachers i've been taking class with
-upcoming performances next week
...and more.

So much going on as always.
Tonight I'm going to see TAKE Dance to review, and tomorrow I have rehearsal most of the day...but I hope to write a brief post on all these things soon.

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