Wednesday, May 7, 2008

small world!

I'm way behind on blogging and have many things to post about when I get the time, but I had to share this right away...

Since my usual teacher is away for the month, I've been taking class with some other teachers here and there (a separate post will come to tell you of the wonderful torture I received from Madame Darvash...), and this week I've been taking form Judy Rice.

I come out of the dressing room to stretch right before going into class and I see Judy sitting and talking with a very dancer-looking guy. I do a double take, and he's wearing a Winger t-shirt. Then I remember a post on The Winger a few months ago about when Judy Rice first came to the city to teach.

And who wrote that post?
Our very own Matthew Murphy, whom I have been in contact with A LOT online through the Winger and through our work for movmnt but I have still never met in person. We've missed each other at blogger meet-ups and had yet to be introduced face to face.

Until today!

As I pulled out the barre and stretched my (bad) Achilles he walked past and we were both like, um...finally he asked what my name was and we realized it was indeed our time to meet. Too funny! He only stayed for barre so we didn't get a chance to talk or anything afterwards, but it was an ironic way to finally meet. Small dance world!

Nice to meet you Matt!

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