Sunday, May 4, 2008

now for good dance writing

Two good articles for your reading pleasure:

-Jowitt on Yasuko Yokoshi's work in the Village Voice (she was at the same performance I reviewed here). She's brilliant with description...I felt like I was entirely reliving the piece as I read her writing.

-Times on lighting dance, which often goes overlooked especially in classical dance

"...'the current international trend of lighting dancers from angles that will make them partly or largely shadowed to the audience.' If it is a trend, it suggests a move away from an emphasis on the dancer as individual toward the dancer as an element in a visual composition...have a particular resonance in a contemporary world filled with visual and aural fragmentation. (The individual dancer is also more likely to be de-emphasized when the full-length story ballet is no longer the paradigm for new work, even if it is still tenaciously loved by audiences and those who balance ballet company budgets.)" -Sulcas

Very interesting.

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