Tuesday, May 6, 2008

semester over but more nerves

Yes, after a long night and day of powering through the rest of my school work I finished everything for my 2nd semester of grad school! Thank goodness.

But I'm still not relieved, haha. This week has a few other stressful things happening, but I don't want to write details until I see what comes of them. I promise to at least write about the biggest of them once I find out the outcome of...it. Haha is that vague or what. I guess you'll have to wait to read about it...I was hoping it would be settled by today, but alas it is not.

Luckily once I get through the next few days I have a break ahead. I decided last minute to take a quick trip down to Florida to visit some family, so I'll be dropping everything and heading for the sun next Saturday til next Wednesday (just 4 days...no time for more). Sometimes you need to just step away from life and get out, and that's where I am right now after all this work built up. I'm looking forward to a quick release before more insanity at the end of the month.

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