Wednesday, May 28, 2008

starting abt intensive

Yesterday was the first day of the ABT intensive I'm doing for the next 3 weeks. It's like a marathon for me because as usual I'm doing a million other things IN ADDITION to dancing 8 hours a day, haha.

It's going well so far...details to come when I have more time this weekend.
We're doing Act II Swan Lake for the showing at the end, and we've already started rehearsing.

It's kind of odd being back in strict black leotard/pink tights mode after the freedom I've had the past year. And class is very stylized in the new ABT curriculum, which is somewhat hard to adapt to after you build certain habits (like where the head goes at barre, etc). It's good though.

That's keeping me busy the next few days, in addition to working and going to a NYCB dinner event/performance Friday.
Student showing at Ailey on Sunday, also, which I'm looking forward to.


Philip said...

Be sure to let us know the 'where & when' of the SWAN LAKE Act II...

See you at Cedar Lake on Monday, I hope.

Taylor said...

The showing at the end of the intensive is at their studios on Fri June 13...there are 2 that afternoon but not positive what times yet.

I'll be at Cedar Lake Monday, so I'll see you there! Also at NYCB tomorrow (Fri) if you'll be there.