Monday, May 19, 2008

minor excitement

Okay, for the moment I've figured it's no use trying to catch up with blogging past events since I don't have time. I WILL do it eventually because some important things have happened, but for the moment I'm starting fresh with today.

Minor excitement of the moment: I made it through 3 cuts and have a callback tomorrow for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular! Not to be a Rockette (i'm too short and don't tap!) but for one of the dancer parts. Exciting! Even if I don't make it it's nice to know I got this far since I rarely do these kinds of auditions.

I got there at 8:30am this morning for a 10am audition and already found myself drinking my coffee halfway around the block from the stage door! So many people - it looked like the lines you see on TV for American Ido. Funny. I was in the 2nd audition group (of 5 I believe) so we waited for an hour before I even went in. After a short combo they made a cut and then had us wait for like 2 HOURS! Insanity. They had us dance a lot more and made some cuts and after 6 HOURS of being at Radio City they called my name for a call back for tomorrow. Yay! There's still a lot of people they kept so I can't get my hopes up, but there were tons more that left earlier in the day, so I was happy.

Running amongst rehearsals the rest of the day...I'm performing in a small dancing part in a play at Manhattan Repertory Theater this Wed-Fri and also prepping for a student showcase next Sunday. AND getting in shape for ABT's intensive starting a week from tomorrow. AND other things.

The relaxation of Florida was wonderful but I'm glad to be back dancing to the faster pulse of New York!

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