Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to my old studio for summer class

I'm always hesitant to go back to places I used to dance. Visiting, catching up on life, and seeing old friends is one thing - a fun thing, usually. But heading back to take class is another...

"will they think I've improved?" "do i look a lot different?" "will i remember what technical details the teachers prefer?"

Just a few things that go through my perhaps overly paranoid mind.

But tonight I was pleasantly surprised when I returned to take open class at my old studio here in the city with one of my favorite teachers I've ever had, though I haven't seen him in months (and haven't taken class from in a year...he usually only teaches in the school). It felt nice and almost comfortable, for once, to be back to a place I spent 2 years of my life, and without that awkward returning stuff. It perked me up after a rough couple of weeks.

I saw some old friends as well and it was nice to catch up. I'll definitely be returning throughout the summer to take class regularly while I can.

Lesson learned: forget the nerves and just do it.


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