Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the revelation...

Well, happy birthday to me in about half an hour.
And my present: a life changing decision to be made very quickly!

To all those who commented and/or emailed regarding my last stressed out post, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much your support means to me.

Ok, here's the deal. This has been in the works for 2 weeks but the final step was offered today so hence the panic attack:

I was offered a dancing contract in a small/medium ballet company in the midwest...not an apprenticeship, an actual company spot for their full season.

The director watched me in class 2 weeks ago and it's a complicated story that eventually I'll get to, but basically today they finally told me how much they can pay me and if I agree to it then I sign the contract tomorrow.

It's not much money.
Money has never stopped me before.
But this is a big deal now because of my current apartment situation...just moved in with a year's lease to pay. My whole life is here. I do have one last semester of grad school, but given the option I am more than happy to postpone that til later (what good is a 20 year old with a masters degree anyway?)

I could still do most of my freelance writing (minus New York performance reviews, obviously) for the different magazines I work for.
My internship at The New Yorker was pretty much the top and end of that line before getting a full time magazine job, which also would be a dream come true, but it's a dream that can wait while dancing is not (my body ALREADY feels old).

I'm a mess of thoughts and emotions and confusion right now and any advice is much appreciated! Some birthday, haha. I will keep you posted on my decision but either way, as I've been told by many I've sought advice from already, either way it's a win-win situation I suppose.

Has anyone else gone through this crazy kind of choice? If it were up to me I'd be out there dancing tomorrow (the contract starts this coming Monday - another do I find somewhere to stay by then???) but it's so complicated...

Again major thanks for the support everyone :)


Philip said...

Much as I will hate seeing you leave NYC - and despite the complications of your education and you new apartment - I think you should seize the opportunity to dance.

M said...


I realize I'm a bit late commenting on this, but my only advice for you is: TAKE THE DANCE JOB. As someone who has been sidelined from the profession, I can't reiterate the importance of dancing while you can. You never know when your body will give out on you, in whatever way, and I think you will be happy to know that you went and pursued a lifelong dream when you had the chance.

School is something you can come back to, leases are something you can break, dancing is something that doesn't last forever. Do it :)

Congrats! Can't wait to hear about it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


susan said...

Congratulations, Taylor! That's wonderful news. :-)

I agree with Matt; I'd sign the contract in a heartbeat.

Whatever you choose, though, I'm sure you'll be happy and proud of what you do. ;-)

Happy birthday!