Friday, July 18, 2008

Mini vacation

I'm heading home today from my "summer vacation" - that is, a 2 day break from NYC, haha.

I flew down to Myrtle Beach, SC Wednesday morning and am in the airport (with a delayed flight...) on my way home this afternoon. It's so open and spacious and warm down was nice to get away briefly but a) 2 days is not nearly long enough to be called a vacation, b) now was not the best time to take a break, being in the midst of an apartment move and so forth, so I didn't really relax, and c) I was still doing some work this morning to finish an article due today.

So yeah, not quite the summer vacation most 19 year olds (almost 20!) take, haha. But I'm hoping August will be a bit quieter.

This next week is full fledged apartment move in, plus going to see some performances to review and such. Now that school is done for the summer (I got an A on my 35 page thesis...a huge relief :) I promise, PROMISE, to return to regular blogging.

Happy Friday!

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