Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to Radio City: Dancing w/ David Byrne


Tonight I'm dancing back onstage at Radio City in concert with David Byrne (famous for singing "Burning Down the House").

As usual I'm backed up on blogging and haven't had a chance to write about the past 2 days of rehearsals, but they've been fun. We come out at the very end of his concert and dance. We rehearsed at a studio downtown before and this afternoon we get back to my theater :) I'm very happy to be returning so soon.

We have a soundcheck rehearsal and then the show later tonight, and same thing tomorrow.

I'll be "tweeting" on twitter in real time if you're interested, since I won't have time to blog til Sunday or so. You can follow my updates on the right side of the blog or here.

More details after the weekend :)

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