Friday, February 13, 2009

Carolyn George D'Amboise

When I saw today's NYTimes obituary for Carolyn George, I didn't fully know who she was besides a former dancer with NYCB. As I clicked and in read on the name D'Amboise came up and I suddenly felt a huge sense of loss.

She was the wife of famous NYCB pricipal Jacques D'Amboise (who Carol mentions often) and mother of Chris D'Amboise, who I worked with a few years ago at BAE.

It's scary to think that the generation of Balanchine's own greatest dancers are...on there way out. Just last week it was reported that Darci Kistler will retire next year as the last ballerina to be hired by Balanchine himself. It can't help but feel like this is an era of transition in the dance world and beyond...

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