Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Carol

What would be the logical first question one would ask when starting to cowrite an autobiography?

Maybe, "when were you born?"

Somehow I managed to bypass this obvious question in my conversations with Carol (though I did have the year she was born) and was therefore very surprised to get to her class tonight and hear whispers from the office people that today's her birthday!

Happy Birthday Carol S!

We sang to her before class started, but later she told me she hates birthdays and tried not to let anyone know when it was, haha. Too bad :)

What she does is amazing for her age, and I don't mean that to sound weird but...for all she's done in her life she could just sit all day and be retired and give in to life, but she still teaches enthusiastically and wears her leotard and tights and demonstrates combinations nearly full out.

I can only hope that I'll be as happy as her and still dancing 50 years from now.

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