Thursday, June 5, 2008

branching out

Tonight I went to review Trinayan Dance Collective, an Indian dance troupe that I was completely and utterly unfamiliar with.

It was definitely an experience.

I'm writing a full review for exploredance soon so look for was nice to get a taste of movement outside the ballet/modern/contemporary realm I'm so accustomed to. Usually for reviews I pitch ideas or shows I want to see anyway, but this one my editor knew the company or something and asked me way ahead of time to write on it. I think it's good to branch out!

Another highlight of today besides the usual ABT intensive business was heading over to Bloch dancewear to resume my little "job" (it's not a job, no money involved) as test dancer for their pointe shoes. In the fall I was working with them to develop a new shoe for beginners on pointe and they had me test shoes for free in exchange for my feedback on how they fit and whatnot. The shoe I "helped create" is now complete and on the market, so they asked me to test a finished pair now to compare. Nice to get shoes (when I'm going through them like water) and be involved in that.

ABT was fine today. Pilates, class, pas de deux (kind of slow since there's so many people to get through in combinations with few guys), rehearsal, and modern (with the better teacher). Tomorrow I have jazz, which we also had yesterday instead of modern. Good times.

Busy weekend ahead with work and such...seeing ABT's Twyla piece Saturday, and DRA's Times Square free show on Sunday between classes and stuff.

Tired as usual but loving this busy-ness.

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