Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From the Archives

This week has been devoted to writing my graduate thesis (ugh!) and attempting to find a new apartment (double ugh!) and so I make another excuse for not blogging promptly.

I still need to write about DCA in detail, and do a few more reviews...but for today's post I'm digging to the blog archives...

It was this time last year that I got to be a super in ABT's Romeo & Juliet, an incredible experience that I wrote about as my very first blog entry. I was behind the times so it's not quite my blog anniversary yet (stay tuned...July 14 Off Center is one year old :) but I thought it would bring back memories to reread it.

I was lucky enough to be cast as a super in ABT’s full run of Romeo & Juliet at the Met this season. I got to be a bridesmaid in Act II, walking on half way through the village scene and basically standing as an extra in the background. THAT was an experience unto itself: first of all, there is no better view of that incredible company or that beautiful ballet than being right there in the action. But that theater - the wings, the house, the orchestra - when I first stepped out during our brief onstage rehearsal the Friday before I swear my heart stopped. I know it sounds cliché. I live for translating those kinds of moments into words, but it just cannot be done with this one - it was indescribable. Unreal. I’ve been on big stages before, but there is nothing like the Met. And in performance, even though I was only an extra, it was so amazing. There is something comforting and yet mysterious in knowing that nobody is looking at you, and yet EVERYONE can see you...

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emma said...

oo where are you moving to lady?
good luck with the thesis

Taylor said...

don't know where yet...hoping for midtown but who knows..manhattan real estate is insane. ugh!