Monday, June 9, 2008

pics from last week's showcase

No time to write today/tonight so I thought I'd share some pictures from last Sunday's student showcase at the Ailey Extension that some friends recently sent me.

Many thanks to Arthur and Tonya for taking pictures throughout the show :)

I positively HATE seeing pictures of myself dancing so most of these are of other people, haha.

Other news of the day..I braved the heat briefly to check out DRA's Dancing at the Crossroads performance in Times Square. They set up a greta stage right in the middle of all the traffic and lights and such and have a variety of companies performing for the charity. The way it was set up wasn't very conducive to the size of the touristy audience, though. Sitting down in their relatively few seats we were unable to see a thing onstage, and when we tried to stand in the back the security people shooed us away (many times). Plus it was a scorching 95+ degrees in the city today, so that added to the fun. I had to leave for work anyway and only got to stay for the first 5 dances or so. Great show though!

Back for my last week of ABT's intensive this week. We have 2 performances on Friday but they only allow you to bring 2 guests to 1 of the shows, so if I invited you to come before I have to regretfully uninvite you now, haha.'s VERY limited seating even though the studio is huge. They keep the space more for dancing rather than for the audience!

Alright, on to the photos:

me mid-pirouette...


me doing god knows what during my variation. i just liked the blurriness, haha

other folks bowing

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tonya said...

Haha, I'm glad you posted them - they look really good on your blog! I kind of like the blurry one too -- it shows how fast you were going! (or how crappy of a photographer I am :) ) That was a lot of fun. You were SO good -- everyone was saying so! Good luck with your ABT performance!