Tuesday, June 3, 2008

me and modern

I wrote in a post last week after having a modern class at ABT's intensive that I prefer to stick just to ballet.

Then I thought about it more and realized that's the exact kind of attitude of bunhead-land that I can't stand anymore. SO when I saw that we had modern on the schedule for today I decided to go in with a more optimistic view.

That was actually quite easy to start, mostly because I was relieved to take off my pointe shoes for an hour and a half, haha. But more to the point, I realized that it's wrong to generalize all modern dance with my earlier statement. Of course I know I shouldn't generalize about ballet either and I hate when people do that as well, but it became clear today that, for me anyway, it really depends on the modern teacher and the class itself (combinations, pace, atmosphere) that make be feel strongly one way or the other towards the style.

The thing is, I've always really enjoyed dancing more contemporary work, which always includes modern movement. Especially when I was working with Rebecca Kelly Ballet, I learned a lot about integrating modern and balletic feelings. And it's great. It's just taking a full modern class that gets to me (and has since I first took modern in Boston during my 2nd summer or so there - maybe 9 years old?).

Today's modern class was a million times better than last week. We had a different teacher, and it really has nothing to do with liking or disliking the teacher as a person. It's more whether or not the class works for you, and the same goes for ballet teachers (believe me, there's a lot to say there but I will refrain myself...). So today's class I actually really enjoyed. It was much more freeing and move-y (I make up words) as opposed to last week, where I was just trying to repeat uncomfortable nuances my body didn't want to do. And neither class named itself as being a particular form of modern dance (Horton, Limon, etc). Both were a mix.

We have this teacher again this week, and also a different one tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, but again, trying to stay optimistic :)

Swan Lake rehearsals are going well. We finished learning all of Act II so now it's on to cleaning up details and such. Looking forward to the little performances next Friday.

It's been another long day and it's not over. I have several articles/reviews/school stuff to be writing this week, plus I'm working til midnight tonight. Better get off the blog and onto Word, haha.

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