Friday, October 24, 2008

my new favorite quote + studio newsletter

In doing a bit of Rockette research for my recent post on The Winger tonight I came across this line in a New York Times music review of the Christmas show, and it is officially my new favorite quote ever.

"The Rockettes dance the American dream in wondrous synchrony — row upon row of long legs and glittering teeth. As an anti-depressant they could put Zoloft out of business." -Bernard Holland, NYT 12/24/07

In the next paragraph he cringes at our Nutcracker bear scene (understandably...), but it's a fun article anyway.

Other NYT articles I came across of interest:
*What the Rockettes Want for Christmas: Respect
*History, Sure, But Add More Sequins
*A Nimble 75 Year Old Gets a Little Nip and Tuck

In other news, my old studio's newsletter that I write and put together is now posted online here if you care to take a look.

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