Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Xmas Tech Day 3: Almost Done

Today we almost finished teching the entire show.

We started where we left off yesterday: in the "Magic" scene where we're supposed to be at the North Pole. We carry these big candy cane pole things and today we used the real ones instead of the rehearsal props, and they were so much heavier than expected! We didn't have much blocking time before we just ran it, so getting used to the added weight was tough. I'm sure I'll get used to it by the time we open.

After that we got out for dinner early because they had to work with the little boys in the show for their next scene. It was kind of nice to have a longer break because I had school stuff to get done.

After dinner we went into the finale of the show (before Nativity and curtain call, so it's not REALLY the finale but...). We come down on these staircases on the sides of the Rockettes and I lead on. We have certain steps on certain counts we have to be on, and we're high up on the elevated stage, too, so it's difficult. I must have looked so stupid with my head down staring at where I'm walking so I wouldn't fall today, haha. Once we did it a few times it was easier to walk down without dropping my chin, but it will take some more time before I can look out into the audience comfortably while stepping down.

That scene took some time between all the different elements, even though our choreography isn't all that complicated. But once we finished we got to leave early for the night as well (only an hour early, but you would have thought it was the excitement of Christmas morning haha). Still felt like a long day even though it wasn't so much.

Tomorrow I'm sure we'll finish up teching the entire show in the morning. Who knows what the schedule will hold for the rest of the week? We're like a day and a half ahead, so perhaps we'll get to full run throughs? I can't believe how fast this is all moving...

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