Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Xmas Rehearsal Day 4&5: Getting Harder...

Wow, this week is going by fast and I feel like I've been dancing literally nonstop. I love it though.

I had another very long day yesterday and today, so blogging will be minimal until I have (little) time on the weekend.

Monday we went over the "Santa" number, then learned this scene that's like traffic on a New York City street (before the Rockettes come in on the 'tour bus' which is very cool).

(go about a minute into this video and that's when we come out)

Yesterday we learned the rest of this "New York at Christmas" scene, where we are dancers in Central Park. It's a lot of partnering, waltz-y type choreography- very pretty. We also ran through Nutcracker again last night and clarifies more details, if there could be any more!

Today we ran through the NY @ Christmas full scene with the singing ensemble as well. There are about 6 singers that join us onstage at different points (and we sing as well...hah...). Luckily the choreography felt more natural today after letting it sit (and writing it down) overnight.

After that we started to learn a new piece - the part where we open as Santa's Helpers in the toy shop ebfore the Rockettes do the famous Rag Doll number. We have these huge candy cane things to work with, and it's tough to keep them straight, literally. And, like the other props we've worked with, they are HEAVY. My arms and back are burning tonight. Also my thighs, because during this part me and 1 other girl come in on this wagon thing sitting, leaning back, kicking our legs. Hello abs!

(go about a minute and 5 seconds in and we are those people with the lighted poles, haha)

Anyway more details to come probably Sunday when I might have a spare moment. Rehearsal all day tomorrow and Friday, Saturday I'm reviewing 2 performances in 1 day and taking class, then Sunday I also have a private with my regular ballet teacher. PLUS I have 2 midterm exams next week and 2 more on the way shortly. It never ends!

I've never been happier though. I want this to go on all year long!

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