Monday, October 27, 2008

Xmas Tech Day 2: Scary Stage!

If you get into this show, you CANNOT have a fear of heights.

I don't, but even still today was a little...scary!

It's been another 12 hour long day, so blogging will be brief. But we continued on with teching the show today. We started by finishing NYAC (New York at Christmas) and at the end, we all come in for a reprise on the "choral stairs" which line the walls of the audience. They start kind of by the 2nd mezzanine and head down to the stage, and we walk down and sing very quickly. Better not trip or I'm in trouble, haha.

That was not the worst of the heights.

We went into our big Santa Clause dance after that, which, until today, has been my favorite. Then I found out the stage actually rises up and down WHILE we dance. I knew the turntable would be moving, but raising the elevators? Eek! They did it very safely, of course, so we could all get used to the feeling of it all. But standing and just feeling the motion and actually dancing and seeing your eye level shift by the second are two different things.

Since I'm in the front line, there's like a huge cliff right in front of me as I do this jolly Santa choreography and jumps and stuff. And it rises during a jumpy step, so it's like that feeling when you're in an elevator and you jump and the floor hits you too soon. Takes some getting used to.

Then the's fun once you get used to it, but it actually moves quite fast. Faster than I was expecting anyway. And unfortunately it isn't fool proof and it doesn't always make it exactly 360 degrees back to where it started, so the lines on the stage don't come back to normally straight, so spacing is so hard. Ugh!

After running it a few times we finally all got used to it a bit, but I know for at least the first few weeks of shows I'm going to be on edge (pun intended). When our cast finished and went out to watch the other group I felt that nervous shaky feeling. I wasn't really scared by that point, but it's just this state of hyper-awareness.

Once that was over the rest of the day seemed like a breeze. We got around to starting one other number and then called it a night at 10pm.

Tomorrow we're there all day yet again. No complaints here. It's really nice that they're going so fast (we'll probably finish blocking the whole show tomorrow - 3 days for the whole Spectacular!) but the unpredictability of the schedule means a lot of sitting and waiting around. Ah well, after we finish the show we'll be in full run throughs by Friday!

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