Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Xmas Tech Day 4: Runnin' Thru

I'm dead exhausted tonight with a headache from being in theater-land all week.

It's a good tired, of course, but makes blogging low on the priority list...

Today was good, though. We finished up staging the rest of the show in the early afternoon, which meant going through Nativity and our curtain calls. Nativity's no big thrill in terms of choreography (I sit. Others walk.), but the curtain call is such fun. With lighting and everything today, you can't help but have a gigantic smile the whole time. I love being able to look so far out and up at the audience, a feeling you just cannot get in a studio. It's amazing, and I can't imagine it filled with faces smiling back.

After our dinner break we started to actually run through the whole show. We only made it a few numbers in, but it started the mad rush backstage of presetting our shoes where we need to change and such. Costumes will be a whole new element once we get to that point, probably this weekend.

Anyway, that's today in a nutshell. I MUST go to bed immediately before my head falls off, haha. Luckily tomorrow's rehearsal isn't until 1pm...and I'm supposed to have my last midterm at school tomorrow night but...might not make it if I'm stuck at the theater. Luckily my professor knows the scoop. Last week I came into class after missing the previous week because of rehearsal and as he was taking attendance he got to my name and he says, "Oh how's rehearsal going? I told the whole class last week that you're a star!" Hah. Most of the time at school it's like, Taylor who? Who's that? It was a funny moment.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow we'll probably get to a full run through in real time. It's getting close! One week til invited dress rehearsal (which I actually still have 2 extra tickets to if you're interested! let me know, 11/5 at 5:30pm). A huge thanks to the many of you who are planning to attend and have been in touch about tickets :) it means a lot that you're coming!

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